Kemampuan Mengarang Siswa Sekolah Dasar Melalui Media Gambar Berseri (Studi Kasus SD Mangunsari I Salatiga)

Penulis : Enita Istriwati, S.Pd.

(Tenaga Teknis Balai Bahasa Prov. Jateng)

Tahun : 2009



Writing is difficult for a few students, especially elementary student. This difficulty is caused three factors. Those are the student, the  teacher, and the teaching media. This research purpose is only for describing how the  teaching media, especially series pictures, influence the student writing skills in the SD Mangunsari Salatiga. In this research qualitative descriptive method will be used to describe the influence of teaching media in writing skill.

Keywords: writing skill, student, teaching media


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